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Safety Committee: Why I Work Safely Slogan ideas

As part of a quality safety committee in the workplace, you need a good “Why I work Safely Slogan” for your team to drive safety awareness, and highlight the importance of safety of employees in the workplace. Importance of a “Why I Work Safely Slogan”for your Safety Committee Having a company safety slogan for your […]

Safety IS Security

A safety and security professional’s main concern will always be protection of life as well as safety, and then the protection of property. With that said, in 2009 privately owned companies sustained over 3,270,000 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses, costing businesses and staff alike 1,238,000 days away from work. The direct cost of workplace accidents […]

Inventory Shrink can be a Hidden Cost

What is inventory shrink? Inventory shrink is a reduction in physical inventory caused primarily by shoplifting, employee theft, administrative/operational errors, and vendor fraud. Using the inventory shrinkage formula, you can find out your inventory shrinkage rate.   Here are the steps you would need to take: Find out the book value of your inventory. This […]

7 Security Policies You Need

Written security policies are essential to a secure organization. Everyone in a company needs to understand the importance of the role they play in maintaining security. One way to accomplish this – to create a “security culture” – is to publish reasonable security policies. These security policies are documents that everyone in the organization should […]

Budgeting for Training

With the thought of taking from your operating budget to spend on staff training initiatives, it’s understandable if you consider employee development an expense. Yet because the benefits of training are so numerous, it’s much more beneficial to consider training as an investment in human resources. The right staff training program can increase productivity, decrease […]

Outsourcing Loss Prevention: is it worth it?

Outsourcing is not a new concept but one that is growing by leaps and bounds across all corporate environments. Originally, only large corporations engaged in the outsourcing of business units and tasks. Now the concept is invading the mid-sized market as a viable business strategy. According to the Outsourcing Institute, in 1996 outsourcing was viewed […]

7 Sins of Physical Security

You’ve got a few security guards and your CCTV system is up to snuff. You’ve got your building security covered, right? Think again. While many organizations are taking the steps to ensure their building is secure, many are ignoring basic pieces of the puzzle that is physical security in and around a facility. Here’s a rundown […]