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Security Policies and Security Documentation

This document is prepared and presented as a basic overview of contemporary best practices regarding written documentation — primarily security policy – needed within an effective security program. It is generic in that it is developed without a specific application or facility in mind. As such, all or parts of this information may not be […]

Essential Elements of an Emergency Operations Center

Many people assume a security operations center only functions as an information crossroads during a crisis. A quality security operations center serves as a central hub for all safety and security operations. The operations center is the focal point for receiving, analyzing, disseminating and acting upon the information that flows through the center. For participants […]

Security Consultant, know what to ask when hiring

Employing the services of an independent security consultant possesses several advantages: an unbiased point of view; a fresh viewpoint on old issues; as well as innovative views and solutions produced from an extensive record of experiences.   However, just like any significant security and safety decision, its best to conduct extensive research as well as […]

Physical Security Program; know the process

When a business hasn’t experienced a significant security incident for a while, C-suite executives typically become complacent and begin to question if all of the security procedures, systems and jobs currently set up are needed. However, complacency isn’t the right reason to reduce the security budget, particularly in a recession when crime usually increases. It […]

Safety IS Security

A safety and security professional’s main concern will always be protection of life as well as safety, and then the protection of property. With that said, in 2009 privately owned companies sustained over 3,270,000 million non-fatal injuries and illnesses, costing businesses and staff alike 1,238,000 days away from work. The direct cost of workplace accidents […]

7 Security Policies You Need

Written security policies are essential to a secure organization. Everyone in a company needs to understand the importance of the role they play in maintaining security. One way to accomplish this – to create a “security culture” – is to publish reasonable security policies. These security policies are documents that everyone in the organization should […]

7 Sins of Physical Security

You’ve got a few security guards and your CCTV system is up to snuff. You’ve got your building security covered, right? Think again. While many organizations are taking the steps to ensure their building is secure, many are ignoring basic pieces of the puzzle that is physical security in and around a facility. Here’s a rundown […]