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Powered Industrial Vehicle Policy

Powered Industrial Vehicles(or Trucks) are used across many industries. Unfortunately many businesses, big and small, fail to follow OSHA guidelines when it comes to these types of machines. What is considered a powered industrial vehicle? This can be a piece of equipment that gets power from batteries, propane, gasoline, or other fuel source. The tires […]

Aerial Lifts

Aerial lifts, often called scissor lifts, are powered and mobile platforms that are used for elevating workers to various heights, which exposes workers to fall hazards. An aerial lift presents an interesting situation in the workplace. Many employers treat these as powered equipment, when by regulation, they are actually considered scaffolding and have different requirements. […]

Harness and Lanyard Inspection

As part of a personal fall protection program, employees must be trained on how to inspect the harness and lanyard for safety. This form can be used to train employees for both important inspections performed on all personal fall protection: The “before use” inspection – in which each wearer of fall protection equipment should inspect […]

Forklift Safety Training

Following proper forklift safety guidelines will lower your chances of getting in a serious accident and either getting seriously injured or causing damage. Forklifts are some of the most useful machines in the workplace and without them basic workplace activities would be much more difficult. Respect their power and make sure that forklift safety is […]

Loading Dock Safety Checklist

When you think of a loading dock, does a flurry of activity and the classic “beep, beep, beep” noise come to mind? A company’s loading dock is a hub of activity for shipping and receiving functions that keeps the businesses flowing. Unfortunately, about 25 percent of reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks. With the […]

Loading Dock Safety Training

The loading dock in a business is a high hazard area, with many different risks. With freight and powered equipment moving through the area, injuries can be significant, an easy way to reduce risk of injury is by providing employees with this loading dock safety training. Loading dock injuries reviewed Every 3 days someone is […]