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Forklift Safety Training

Following proper forklift safety guidelines will lower your chances of getting in a serious accident and either getting seriously injured or causing damage. Forklifts are some of the most useful machines in the workplace and without them basic workplace activities would be much more difficult. Respect their power and make sure that forklift safety is […]

Loading Dock Safety Checklist

When you think of a loading dock, does a flurry of activity and the classic “beep, beep, beep” noise come to mind? A company’s loading dock is a hub of activity for shipping and receiving functions that keeps the businesses flowing. Unfortunately, about 25 percent of reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks. With the […]

Loading Dock Safety Training

The loading dock in a business is a high hazard area, with many different risks. With freight and powered equipment moving through the area, injuries can be significant, an easy way to reduce risk of injury is by providing employees with this loading dock safety training. Loading dock injuries reviewed Every 3 days someone is […]

Basics of Warehouse Safety

Warehousing is an industry with a wide scope of challenges and risks that necessitate a safety culture to prevent incidents. Every warehouse is unique in its layout, equipment and operation as such, for this article I will outline the major areas of risk and the broad brush management strategy required to help make the work […]

Safety Standards for Forklift Programs

As part of establishing proper safety standards for a forklift program, besides site specific safety precautions, you must be aware of OSHA requirements and know how to apply them.   If you are going to implement your own in-house operator training program, you should make yourself familiar with the OSHA standards for Powered Industrial trucks […]