Kevin Ian Schmidt


As someone dedicated to workplace safety, I have been writing books to help businesses, especially small businesses, with implementing strong workplace safety.

The books I write borrow upon my years of experience, and are done in a simple manner for anyone without the same years of experience I have.


Kevin Schmidt walking and working surfaces basics book

This book breaks down the OSHA walking and working surfaces standard so anyone can understand how to apply the standard to their workplace and keep employees safe concerning slip & trip injuries, while also being compliant with the OSHA standard.

Toolbox talks are a great way to provide short trainings to employees in a simple manner. It is as easy as it sounds, just talk to people. I have several available trainings whether someone is looking for a specific training for mechanics or fleet drivers, or just wants a bundle of topics for a year. Check out this page to see what I have available for purchase.

safety meeting books by Kevin schmidt

Safety committees are a great way to engage employees in workplace safety, and can be used to reduce injuries in the workplace if done successfully. The books I have available will suit your needs as they range from bi-weekly to monthly and cover high & low injury locations.

Never overlook equipment repairs and tracking them as part of workplace safety. I have multiple books available to track repairs of equipment so they best meet your needs and style preference.

A root cause analysis is an important component of incident investigation, because if every incident is a chance to learn and improve, that is how a location eventually goes incident free. The book includes action planning as well to track improvements.

This project management planner helps you manage large and small projects. As I have grown in safety experience, I became frustrated looking for a good planner, since I couldn't find one I made this and figured others would find it useful.


Powered equipment is to be inspected daily for safe operation. I have created multiple books for different equipment, multiple or single shift workplaces, and even created a simplified format for the books.

If you are interested in continuous improvement in the workplace, or looking for ways to improve your workplace, I have written a book to help people learn the basics of continuous improvement.