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Loading Dock Safety Awareness

This form on loading dock safety awareness can be used as a quick training for dock employees during huddle meetings. This form is also good for employee orientation as part of the training process, to increase awareness of the dangers within the material transfer zone(MTZ). Finally this form can be used as part of a […]

Loading Dock Safety Checklist

When you think of a loading dock, does a flurry of activity and the classic “beep, beep, beep” noise come to mind? A company’s loading dock is a hub of activity for shipping and receiving functions that keeps the businesses flowing. Unfortunately, about 25 percent of reported warehouse injuries occur on loading docks. With the […]

Loading Dock Safety Training

The loading dock in a business is a high hazard area, with many different risks. With freight and powered equipment moving through the area, injuries can be significant, an easy way to reduce risk of injury is by providing employees with this loading dock safety training. Loading dock injuries reviewed Every 3 days someone is […]

Glad Hand Lock Training

Loading dock fatalities and serious injuries occur when there is unwanted separation between the trailer or truck being loaded and the loading dock. A glad hand lock can be used to secure a trucks air lines from connecting to the trailer, which means they won’t be pressurized, therefore they will be engaged. Glad Hand Lock […]