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Loading Dock Safety Awareness

This form on loading dock safety awareness can be used as a quick training for dock employees during huddle meetings.

This form is also good for employee orientation as part of the training process, to increase awareness of the dangers within the material transfer zone(MTZ).

Finally this form can be used as part of a walk through program to identify hazards.

Keeping the dock area clean and organized is the first part of this awareness training, as good housekeeping is the foundation of safety. Doing this will minimize slip/trip/fall potential injuries, which can be amplified in the dangerous MTZ, with the amount of powered equipment and material being moved within the area.

This awareness form is only a small part of a total dock safety program, don’t forget to check out the other offerings for loading dock safety.

Do you have other Loading Dock Safety needs? We also offer the following:

3 Tips to Raise Safety Awareness of the Risks at Loading Docks

  1. Not every worker knows when trucks are arriving or leaving. This can be a serious hazard for powered equipment operators. Establish a communication model at the docks to raise this awareness.
  2. Sometimes workers fall off docks. They may get injured or left vulnerable where trucks move in. Drivers can’t always see well behind the truck. Being crushed by a truck on the drive approach is the most common dock-related cause of death. This can be corrected with properly guarding the dock edges.
  3. Ensuring there is a proper bridge from dock to trailer is a great way to reduce risk at the loading dock. This can be done with Dock Plates, Dock Boards and Loading dock levelers. They help ensure smooth, safe moving of goods between the two components, especially when using material handling equipment.

Download the Loading Dock Safety Awareness form below

View the Loading Dock Safety Awareness form below

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