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Accident Investigation Training- Intermediate

As you advance your team in a quality accident investigation program, it is imperative to continue their training to improve their skills.

This accident investigation training is for intermediate level, so it is best recommended to start with the beginner’s training here.

5 Step Investigative Process

  • Response
  • Fact Finding
  • Analysis
  • Corrective Action
  • Follow-up

The investigation process explained

This training teaches the 5 steps of a quality accident investigation process, which goes beyond the initial investigation, but rather includes all steps and stresses importance of correcting hazards.

We provide a beneficial training on root cause analysis, that will assist in the job skills needed for a high quality accident investigation. A quick root cause is imperative during the Response phase of an investigation, so all potential evidence and witnesses can be identified for a thorough investigation.

During the Fact Finding phase of the investigation, you’ll continue to work towards an in-depth root cause. At this stage, it is recommended to use a root cause worksheet.

During the Analysis phase of an investigation, this is when it is best to complete the Accident Analysis Report, which includes a full root cause worksheet. This analysis is a complete summary of all aspects of your investigation, including a full review of all written statements.

The Corrective Action phase of an investigation is valuable to negate the hazard to ensure no one else is injured. This improves workplace safety, and ensures the workplace remains compliant to the OSHA General Duty Clause. The EHS Center offers a corrective action template, which is beneficial not just for assigning corrective actions, but also for quality follow-up, the final phase of the investigation process.

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This training is best conducted in a classroom presentation environment, but can also be done a part of a self-learning exercise. The most important aspect is that this training is a part of a continuing improvement of a workplace accident investigation program.

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Incident Investigation Training


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