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incident investigation is highly important to safety

Sample Accident Investigation Policy

Workplace accidents cost companies approx $1 billion weekly in direct worker’s compensation costs, with an estimated $3 billion weekly in indirect costs!   A quality accident investigation program can reduce workplace injuries by properly identifying hazards that have caused an injury, and taking appropriate actions to eliminate those workplace hazards.     So what does […]

Incident Investigation Training – Beginners

Part of a quality incident investigation program is properly training for those tasked with investigating after an accident. This training is geared for beginners, to get a foundation in incident investigation techniques. As skills grow I have  more advanced  investigation trainings available. This training covers fundamentals of incident investigation such as: the importance of root […]

The 5 Why Method of Root Cause Analysis

Knowing how to properly conduct a root cause analysis is imperative when handling a safety incident investigation. It isn’t just OSHA that encourages the use of root cause during an incident investigation, but also the EPA under their Risk Management Program(RMP). Concerning Root Cause Analysis OSHA says: During an incident investigation, an employer must determine […]