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Accident Investigation Training- Intermediate

As you advance your team in a quality accident investigation program, it is imperative to continue their training to improve their skills. This accident investigation training is for intermediate level, so it is best recommended to start with the beginner’s training here. 5 Step Investigative Process Response Fact Finding Analysis Corrective Action Follow-up The investigation […]

Accident Prevention Planning Form

After conducting a thorough accident investigation, you will come up with corrective actions. These corrective actions need to be implemented for change management. Corrective and preventative actions are generated from varying sources including safety meetings, inspections, accident investigations, unsafe act and unsafe condition reporting and from audits, and are simply measures that need to be […]

Accident Investigation Report

A proper investigation after an accident is best summarized with a post accident investigation report. This form is a summary of your entire investigation, and should be completed with assistance from all statements, evidence, witnesses, and the injured party. Accident investigations are intended to determine the cause of an incident, to identify unsafe conditions or […]