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Workplace Safety Rules

Workplace Safety Rules are the starting point for a business to provide employees with a safe working environment. Without basic rules for safety, employees may not know of hazards in their workplace which could result in injuries.

These Workplace Safety Rules are a foundation upon which to build a comprehensive safety program, to keep employees safe and reduce company risk exposure.




Among the rules for employers under OSHA, is the responsibility to:

Inform employees of OSHA safety and health standards that apply to their workplace.

While verbal communication may inform employees, a written set of workplace safety rules will be able to be followed easier for employees and managers, and allow for universal training.


Under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 the United States Federal Government established clear rules for workplace safety, one of which is:

Review copies of appropriate standards, rules, regulations, and requirements that the employer should have available at the workplace.

These workplace safety rules should be made available to employees, to not just comply with OSHA regulations, but also to encourage and foster a safe working environment.

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A key function of workplace safety rules is to list off activities and areas that require extra caution, or additional equipment(PPE).

While these workplace safety rules are not 100% inclusive, they can serve as a base to build upon for most workplaces. In the member’s area of EHS Center, there are extensive collections on workplace safety rules, allowing you to select which would be the best fit for your workplace.

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