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After using Gtasks for awhile, I really started to feel the missing features, so I am again off on my search for a task list manager. This time, I found myself downloading Taskary to my phone and tablet. First impression was a little awe, this app looked like it could handle all I could toss at it. Let’s see how it stacks up against my needs.

Phone and tablet sync: sign in with Gmail app, so again that extra gem of syncing Google Tasks on your computer with your phone and tablet. In fact, using the agenda feature, it also syncs one app up with Google Tasks and Google Calendar. This could mean using 1 app to handle both features.

Home page widget for quick access: The home page widget leaves a lot to be desired. It shows 1 day of tasks at a time, without a quick add feature or a view of my undated tasks. Access to both requires opening the app.

Recurring task feature: This feature is easy to use with Taskary. As it syncs with Google calendar, you can scroll the agenda page and find calendar events mingled with your tasks.

Tasks and subtasks: Yes it handles tasks and subtasks, although the subtask feature is a little awkward,  and might take some time to get used to. Instead of being true subtasks, you can set parent tasks, so they appear as stand alone of as subtasks, depending on the view you’re using.

Notes section on tasks/subtasks: This app easily allows for motes on all tasks and subtasks. Large note sections allows you to pile information in. Along wi notes, you can add contacts to tasks/subtasks, allowing for easy sharing.

Alerts for priority tasks: each task AND subtask can have an alert. I find this great. So if I have a main task due on Friday, but want to manage my time to complete a couple subtasks each day, I can set reminders for each.

Email capability of tasks and reminders: Not a feature with this app.

Ability to change color of tasks: Not a feature with this app.

Clean UI: no, this app does not have a clean UI, depending on the view, you can have 4 separate panels to navigate with. This is easy to overlook though, because with the agenda view, you can see your tasks and your calendar events.

This app is a powerhouse, easily handling all tasks I set it up with, plus handling my calendar events. The extras in the app make it easy to use, even though it is a minimalist layout. The biggest drawback is the weak homescreen widget, which I feel is such a hindrance, that I find this app incompatible with my needs.


Download Here – Google Play Store

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  1. yes this taskary app is good i am using for past 2 years and its really awesome no doubt but still i want to use it in my pc how can i do that ? please help

    1. Google calendar comes in. Even though the default item you can add to a calendar is an “Event”, with a start and end time, if you click beside it on “Task”, you can just add a single item with a name and a description.

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