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Off of Office Series: Task List App: Gtasks

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I am busy running around between locations, trying to keep up on all the tasks between them. I am again trying out a task list manager, seeing if I can find the one that meets my needs. So I downloaded Gtasks to my phone and tablet.

Phone and tablet sync: This app allows you to sign in using your gmail account, which allows for seamless syncing between phone and tablet. The extra feature of using your gmail account is it allows you to use Google Tasks on your desktop as well.

Home page widget for quick access: This app allows for multiple choice of home page widgets. You can choose from wide, narrow, tall, short, dark or light backgrounds. This is nice as it allows you to set it based upon preference. I use tall and narrow on my phone, but short and wide on my tablet, both with a dark background. If you don’t want a busy home screen, there is also a widget for alerting to undone, overdue tasks.

Recurring task feature: you can set tasks to recur as needed. As you are setting up each task, this is part of the choices.

Tasks and subtasks: Setting tasks is easy, with multiple organizational categories available. Subtasks are not a feature.

Notes section on tasks/subtasks: Each task has a note section, without subtasks, no subtask notes.

Alerts for priority tasks: Each tasks can be set with an alert when due or as a reminder beforehand. Each notification is set for that task.

Email capability of tasks and reminders: this is not an available feature from free or premium.

Ability to change color of tasks: the only color change options was to flag a task as priority, then the checkbox next to the app appears red, otherwise no other feature to do this.

Clean UI: Simple to get up and running, simple to add tasks and clear them up.

I found myself using this app for awhile beyond my short testing time, with the nice syncing between devices, the ease of setting tasks and the overall functionality,  I really liked this app. I know it doesn’t meet all my set forth needs, but it came pretty close. I think you might find this app meeting your needs, as it is a real workhorse in keeping track of my tasks.
●edit● I am becoming a real fan of task list apps syncing with my Google Tasks, as it allows me further access to tasks, no matter where I find myself.

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