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Out of Office Series: Task List App: Wunderlist


In my quest for a task manager app, I downloaded Wunderlist to both my phone and tablet. After registering with my email address to create a profile on Wunderlist, I started playing around with it.
I started testing the app against my list of needs.
Phone and tablet sync-the device were easily able to share task lists across device, seamlessly, with Wunderlist, you can also access your task lists via, giving you yet another avenue to manage and organize tasks and responsibilities.

Home page widget- the widget is nice, it gives a clean view of the primary task, clicking on the task brings up the app to view the subtasks and notes. The problem with the widget is if you have things broken up into seperate folders, you have to scroll through the folders to see all the tasks, no ‘view all’ feature.

Recurring task feature- this is not a feature, huge negative in my opinion

Tasks and subtasks- easily able to create tasks and subtasks, including the ability to create folders for different tasks. So if you want to keep work tasks separate from shopping lists it is simple to do.

Notes section on tasks/subtasks- there is a note feature under task, but it is like a memo pad, covering both task and subtask.

Alerts for priority tasks- able to set due date and reminders. The due date is visible on the homescreen widget view as a foot note. A reminder can be set for any time, you need to be reminded 2wks out, feel free to set it for then, but you only get 1 reminder so make sure it counts.

Email capability of tasks and reminders- not an available feature, another huge missing feature in my book.

Ability to change color of tasks- not a feature
Clean UI- the control panel is clean in it’s setup, with a wood panel background like I am using a clipboard.

So right off the bat, Wunderlist didn’t meet my needs, making it an easy decision for me to move on.  I liked how easy it was to set up tasks and subtasks, and although I couldn’t leave notes on individual task/subtasks, I liked the ease of jotting a note about that section. This app would be great for organizing notes and jotting quick task reminders across devices, even among family members or coworkers, but in my opinion it lacks certain features I feel are a requirement.

Wunderlist does have the ability to add pictures and notes to tasks, but as I didn’t want to purchase the premium upgrade for a test, I can’t comment on those features.
Wunderlist is quite popular and if I needed to share information among coworkers,  this app would be useful.


Download Here – Wunderlist Homepage for Apple, Android, web access


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