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Out of Office Series: Task List App:

anydo (2) Any.Do

In my search for a task list managing app, I downloaded the app, to my phone and tablet, based upon  several reviews I read. Figuring so many reviews must mean a powerhouse product.
Signing on allowed me to link it to my Facebook, Google account or creating a freestanding account. This alows for strong cross device sharing.

Phone and tablet sync: works great, easy to signup, which allows for quick setup and sync.

Home page widget for quick access: thehomepage widget allows for multiple configurations,  from a minimal 1 space widget to a large full page view. The widget allows for adding a quick note, or access to the notes you have setup.

Recurring task feature: is simple to set up a recurring task, be it daily, weekly or monthly. There is no feature for biweekly recurring tasks, or every 3 wks, but as the app is built around simplicity,  this isn’t a deal breaker.

Tasks and subtasks: you can make a task, no subtask feature. The task section is like more of a quick note than a checklist feature. Again, as the app is built as simplicity, this makes sense, but I don’t feel it meets my needs.

Notes section on tasks/subtasks: the primary task section has a note section, but as subfolders aren’t an option, obviously subnotes are out.

Alerts for priority tasks: You can set the task as priority, plus you can set an alert. Marking a task as priority keeps it at the top of the list.

Email capability of tasks and reminders: you can share your tasks with other users, but can’t email the tasksor have email reminders.

Ability to change color of tasks: This is not an option, is builtaround simplicity.

Clean UI: is ALL about simplicity, the UI is clean and simple, almost too simple, I felt a little lost just playing around with the app.

So after careful review, I decided wasn’t what I was looking for, it is closer to a note app than a task list manager. The clean UI is nice, but like I said above, I kind of felt like I was stumbling around at first.
If you are looking for an app that is great for reminders, mightbe what you’re looking for, as for me, I feel it wasn’t enough of a task list manager and too much for basic note taking.


Download the app here: Any.Do site

Download the app here: Google Play Store

Download the app here: Google Chrome extension

Download the app here: iTunes


anydo (1)  anydo (1)

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