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Emergency Response Plan Explained – Training

Knowing how to handle an emergency in the workplace is important for optimal employee safety, for many workplaces it is also an OSHA requirement under CFR 29.1910.38.

As part of a quality emergency response plan, you need to train your employees on the basics of the plan and the basics of safe evacuation.

This training Emergency Response Plan Explained is a template for your company to provide this training. This can be administered in a classroom training or as part of a self learning exercise.



OSHA specifically spells out the training requirements for emergency action plans for all employees:


Review of emergency action plan. An employer must review the emergency action plan with each employee covered by the plan:


When the plan is developed or the employee is assigned initially to a job;


When the employee’s responsibilities under the plan change; and


When the plan is changed.


Be aware that this does not meet every training requirement under the plan, and no training will, as OSHA has one other training requirement:


Training. An employer must designate and train employees to assist in a safe and orderly evacuation of other employees.


This is a simple training that you can do in-house, by explaining and practicing evacuations with anyone identified in your emergency action plan as assisting with evacuation.

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Use this training in conjunction with an emergency action plan template from here.

Why training is an important part of an emergency response program

Training Improves Responder Knowledge and Confidence
This emergency action plan training ppt teaches employees what is expected of them in an emergency. Conducting practice evacuation drills trains responders to be able to respond to workplace emergencies quickly and competently, training empowers emergency responders to meet dangerous challenges with greater confidence. When responders have received proper emergency response training, they feel more confident and assured of their capabilities and roles.

Quality Training Helps Responders Follow Emergency Plans
Emergency plans are designed to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities, reduce damage to buildings, property and the environment, and help to resume work activities as quickly as possible.

Download & View the Emergency Action Plan training below

Emergency Response Plan Explained

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