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Common Security Vulnerabilities

The more involved type of security study, often called a threat vulnerability risk assessment (RVRA), will typically describe the common security vulnerabilities uncovered and ways to mitigate them, and offer a prioritization so that the organization can fiscally manage its security improvements. A Security Study can discover potential vulnerabilities such as a flood risk to a building, weak infrastructure, location of a building along an airport’s flight path, or that the building may be near a railroad line that carries industrial chemicals.


Being aware of the common security vulnerabilities your facility faces, is important, and a quality consultant can help you identify them if needed. You can contact me to schedule an initial consultation if a service like this interests you.

What are common workplace security breaches?

Security can be compromised through physical as well as digital types of security breaches. The physical Common Security Vulnerabilitiessecurity breaches can deepen the impact of any other types of security breaches in the workplace. So, let’s expand upon the major physical security breaches in the workplace.

  • Casual Attitude  
      • The casual attitude of employees or management toward security awareness can lead to the disastrous results. There should be strict rules to follow the procedures without any exceptions.
  • Unattended Assets & Areas
      • Any valuable data or equipment at the workplace should not be left unattended at all. Meanwhile, leaving a critical workplace area unattended or unlocked is another critical component that can add huge risk to the physical security breaches in your workplace.
  • Exceptions in Physical Access Rules
      • The physical security is the first circle of a powerful security mechanism at your workplace. So, always keep it strict and follow the physical security procedures in real sense. Always avoid any kind of exceptions in allowing access to the internal or external peoples to the restricted areas.
  • Rogue Employees
      • It has been observed in the many security breaches that the disgruntled employees of the company played the main role in major security breaches in the workplace. The example of Sony’s data breach is one such kind of workplace security breach.
  • Eavesdropping over Sensitive Information
      • Eavesdropping has been a fundamental breach in the data security as well as in the physical security. The overhearing of the lock codes, pins, and security passwords is a big breach, which can lead to the disastrous outcomes. So, always take care to avoid any kind of eavesdropping in your surroundings.
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How do you go about preventing these security breaches?

To prevent any security breach at the workplace, take the following steps:

  • Review and restrict physical access as per security policy
  • Review and change the access passwords and keys
  • Review and monitor the egress and ingress points
  • Aware the concerned people to handle any uneven situation
  • Identify and secure critical information
  • Check and renew the network security and firewall settings
  • Change security keys after every employee leaves the company
  • Change the guards (human), if any


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