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incident investigation is highly important to safety

Sample Accident Investigation Policy

Workplace accidents cost companies approx $1 billion weekly in direct worker’s compensation costs, with an estimated $3 billion weekly in indirect costs! A quality accident investigation program can reduce workplace injuries by properly identifying hazards that have caused an injury, and taking appropriate actions to eliminate those workplace hazards.     So what does OSHA […]

Incident Investigation Training – Beginners

Part of a quality incident investigation program is properly training for those tasked with investigating after an accident. This training is geared for beginners, to get a foundation in incident investigation techniques. As skills grow I have  more advanced  investigation trainings available. This training covers fundamentals of incident investigation such as: the importance of root […]

Safety Milestones Since the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

March 25, 2021, was the 110th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire – a tragic incident that elevated the workplace safety concerns of garment industry workers and workers in other manufacturing jobs to a point of no return. The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire led to the creation of agencies and multiple reforms dedicated to workplace safety. […]

Company Culture

The term “company culture” is something of a nebulous concept, but most culture professionals can agree on the very basics of a definition. In short, company culture can be defined as a set of shared values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterize an organization. A company’s culture influences results from top to bottom. There are […]