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Fire Safety

Welcome to the Fire Safety quiz. Test your knowledge.

The main reason emergency exits exist is for quick escape in the case of a fire

Even in the case that there is no sign of a fire hazard you should always treat a fire alarm like it were a dangerous fire

Emergency exits and fire doors should always be locked

Fire extinguishers are only to be used by those who are trained to use them

There are three elements that must exist together in order for a fire to start. The elements are:

Which fire extinguisher is most suitable for an electrical fire

To find out if a substance is flammable, you check:

An empty container is safe to use, no matter what it once held

If a cord or wire has frayed or worn insulation, you should:

Fires in the workplace cause more than 2 billion dollars in property damage each year

What is the percentage of fires in the workplace caused by human error

Smoke or fire alarms should be in all areas of your workplace

All fire extinguishers will work on all fires

Monthly and Annual inspections should be performed on fire extinguishers

Exits may be partially blocked as long as they are visible

Which of the following fire extinguishers is used to put out fires caused by flammable liquids

Which of the following is the acronym describing the correct sequence of using a fire extinguisher

Where should you aim a fire extinguisher nozzle when putting out a fire

Before an emergency occurs, you should:

During a fire, when a stairwell is unavailable because it is disabled or inaccessible, it is okay to use the elevators when exiting a building

Workplaces with a minimum of ____ employees need to have a written fire prevention program in place.

When should employees be informed of the fire hazards to which they are exposed at work

Fire doors can be locked during business hours if you are in a high crime area

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