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BWC Emergency Action Plan Template

free basic template for emergency action planA good business reviews their emergency action plan annually, not just with their employees as OSHA requires, but as a whole to ensure everything is still applicable that it works with your workforce, that it is still the most efficient.

This Emergency Action Plan is from Ohio’s BWC Office of Industrial Hygiene, it is a basic plan that addresses all applicable subsections of OSHA standard 1910.38.

This template is best for small businesses, including those that don’t require a written plan, so that they don’t miss a basic subsection.

If your business requires a more in-depth plan, or your workplace has specialized needs, this plan is not best for you, and instead you should check out some of our other offerings in the membership area.

Besides having an Emergency Response Plan, every workplace should have a a training on Emergency Response, that explains it to the employees. I have many emergency response plan posts you can check out here.

How best to utilize this Emergency Action Plan document

This form will not be 100% applicable to every workplace. So, it is best to rewrite this plan for your company. Simply start with the Scope and Purpose of the plan, as those are completely applicable to any business. Next, adjust the plan to the work performed by your business, and adjust the job titles to those in your workforce.

EXAMPLE: don’t have or need 40hr trained hazmat representatives in your retail store? Simply omit that portion.

Doing just a basic rewrite of this plan as outlined above, and using it as a guided template for your personalized plan, then you will be 100% compliant with the OSHA regulations, and more importantly, you will be providing the safest workplace for your employees.

An emergency action plan is a life saving document, and has many different considerations based upon the workplace, check out what else I have to offer around Emergency Action Plans

Download & Read the Basic Emergency Response Plan below

BWC Emergency Response Plan

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