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Business Continuity Forms

A quality business continuity plan has many aspects to it. The forms included in this post will help build your entire form.

Does your company have a business continuity plan? Check here

If not, read this whitepaper on the importance of a business continuity plan from FEMA.

Forms for a quality business continuity plan

  • Business Program Committee Worksheet: This form identifies all members of the business continuity team, with their contact information, along with all relevant numbers for other outside organizations and agencies. Using these pages at the front of your business continuity book will assist you when the plan is needed.
  • Business Insurance Discussion Form: This form is used as part of the business continuity plan, to ensure your company has all the important insurance coverage, and all important aspects of your insurance.
  • Business Emergency Response Resources Form: This form is a full review of your entire business continuity plan, this form includes costs associated with each aspect. An important aspect of this form is the “response time” column, is for how long will it take this component to be enacted. This is important, because every event requires different response levels, and how quickly things need to be implemented.
  • Business Emergency Supplies List: This list are things you should have in a well stocked emergency response kit. These supplies are great for planning for natural disasters or other disasters that regularly hit an area.
  • Business Computer Inventory Form: This form is an asset list of all computer equipment owned by your company. This form is great for ensuring all equipment, across multiple job locations are accounted for, and any costs associated for insurance.
  • Business Cost Form: When reviewing your business, knowing how to account for all associated costs of a disaster plan, will help shape your plan, and all budgeting required to respond properly.


These forms will build your quality plan, and will assist you in responding properly to every potential business disruption.

Also, make sure to check out the Business Impact Analysis Worksheet, here, to ensure your plan is thorough for all needs.


View and download the Business Continuity Forms below

Business Program Committee Worksheet

Business Program Committee Worksheet



Business Insurance Discussion Form

Business Insurance Discussion Form


Business Emergency Response Resources Form

Business Emergency Response Resources



Business Emergency Supplies List

business emergency supplies



Business Computer Inventory Form

Business Computer Inventory



Business Cost Form

business cost


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