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The Safety Chat

The Safety Chat is dedicated to providing businesses with information to create injury free workplaces, in an easily understandable manner. Breaking down the barriers companies experience of being able to understand how to apply safety regulations and best practices.
The host Kevin Schmidt is a passionate safety professional, who strives to end all workplace injuries. Before getting into safety as a profession, Kevin had experienced workplace injuries, that were completely preventable. He has dedicated his career since then to creating workplaces without injuries.
He created this show after talking with people who work in small businesses, who are often shocked to learn they are working in unsafe environments, or that their businesses have a large liability to government regulatory agencies.
With the information shared on The Safety Chat, small and medium sized businesses will have access to the knowledge equal to a full-time safety department at their disposal.


The Safety Chat mission statement is:

To provide companies the ability to SHAPE an injury
free workplace, by sharing knowledge and ideas that
enable companies to implement meaningful change.



The Values of the Safety Chat are SHAPE


SAFETY: To bring superior standards in safety to all we do.

HONESTY: To always conduct ourselves in an honest and ethical manner.

ACHIEVE EXCELLENCE TOGETHER: Collaborate and celebrate, driving forward towards an injury free workplace with our partners.

PERSISTENCE: To knock down barriers to ensure the long-term success of our partners.

ECONOMICAL: To make best in class workplace safety standards accessible to all companies.


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