About me

Kevin Schmidt is an experienced security professional in Columbus OH, with over 15 yrs experience in the security field.

Kevin Schmidt has experience in:

  • Physical Security
  • Loss Prevention
  • Security Threat Assessments
  • Investigations
  • Investigative Interviews
  • Training on security and loss prevention programs

Kevin Schmidt is knowledgeable in addressing the following physical security needs;

  • Threat Assessment
  • Security Services Review
  • Security Risk Assessment
  • Security Plan; Design and Review
  • Shrink Analysis; Review, and Planning
  • Employee Investigations and Interviews



If you are interested in speaking with Kevin Schmidt about an opening at your company or about a security consultation, please contact him here.




Threat Assessment:

Knowing the true physical security threats facing your company is important in designing a plan to address them.

If you run a bakery in a rural town, it doesn’t make sense to have a plan for an on-site terrorist attack, but it does make sense to have an action plan for a robbery.

Knowing the real threats your company faces can save you thousands in the short term, and tens of thousands in the long term.

To learn more about understanding real risks your company could face, read here.

Contact Kevin Schmidt for a threat assessment of your company.


Security Services Review:

Do you currently employ a contract security service? Are you considering employing a contract security service? Are you considering switching to or from in-house security and want to know what that would entail with a full review?

All of these choices can have major financial implications for you company, and should be made with due diligence.

Sure, contract security companies offer a review for you, at no cost, but be aware that they are sales people FOR the security company and their review lies in the best interests of the security company first.

Ask yourself, do you need armed security? Do you need 24/7 guard coverage? Do you need 4 on-site guards, or only 2? A company sales rep might convince you of a need for any one of these, or all of these services, when in reality you may only need a weekend unnamed security guard.

With my 15yrs security experience and contacts within the industry, I can conduct a security review for you and recommend the best guard coverage for your needs, and even if needed serve as a liaison for you to the contract security provider.

If you are considering switching to or from in-house security, I can conduct an in-depth review of the short and long term costs of such a switch, so your company can make the best decision for your security needs.

Contact Kevin Schmidt for a security services review


Security Risk Assessment:

A security site assessment can be beneficial to know where your site has security shortcomings, or where you are deploying security resources in an incorrect manner.

What is involved in a security risk assessment, can be better understood by reading this post.

Not only should you have a security risk assessment done, but have the plan you have developed checked occasionally for effectiveness.

Contact Kevin Schmidt for a Security Risk Assessment of your company.


Security Plan; Design and Review:

Do you have a security plan, or an emergency plan?

Do you know how your company will respond in the event of a natural disaster, or a physical security breach? What safeguards are in place, and auditing procedures? Do you have an updated contact list of who to contact?

Do you know the 7 security policies your company needs?

Kevin Schmidt is also knowledgeable in designing security policies for compliance with regulations concerning AIB and FSMA.

If you need help designing your company’s security policy or want an in-depth review of your security policy, contact Kevin Schmidt.


Shrink Analysis; Review, and Planning:

Do your company have high shrink and you are not sure of how to address it? Are your profits shrinking and you can’t figure out why?

First, make sure you understand how shrink can affect your company, in this post.

A shrink analysis might be what your company needs. Where your books are audited, your internal and external theft controls are reviewed, and a plan is put into place to address all identified concerns.

If you want to schedule a consultation to discuss your potential need for a shrink analysis, contact Kevin Schmidt.


Employee Investigations and Interviews:

Do you have a suspicion your employees are stealing from you? Did you have an incident and need it properly investigated?

A quality investigative interview process can identify concerns within an organization, or even be used for increased responsibilities to ensure an employee will keep information confidential.

Knowing the factors of an investigative interview, this post will help your understanding, is important when considering to have an investigative interview conducted. This is where a professional investigative interviewer like Kevin Schmidt will benefit your company in it’s time of need.

Kevin Schmidt is available for a consultation to help you determine if you need an investigative interview.

Security Professional Kevin Schmidt