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Safety and Security Resources

This download section is provided by Kevin Schmidt for proper development of a quality Safety and Security program.

Hazardous Communication Program

A Hazardous Communication program is part of a quality workplace safety program, you should ensure your policy is at a minimum OSHA compliant, but also designed with employee safety at the forefront.

An effective HAZCOM program depends on the credibility of management’s involvement in the program; inclusion of employees in safety and health decisions; rigorous worksite analysis to identify hazards and potential hazards, including those which could result from a change in worksite conditions or practices; stringent prevention and control measures; and thorough training. It addresses hazards whether or not they are regulated by government standards.


Learn more about what it takes to design an OSHA compliant Hazardous Communication Program

Click Here to download a Sample Hazcom Policy that can be adapted for your needs.


Emergency Action Plan

An Emergency Action Plan is the cornerstone of any workplace safety policy manual, having a quality Emergency Action Plan can ensure employee safety in the event of an incident. OSHA also requires workplaces to have an Emergency Action Plan as per 19.10.38, but never let fer of OSHA motivate your Safety and Security Policies, do it because of an organizational concern for employee safety.

Written and oral emergency action plans. An emergency action plan must be in writing, kept in the workplace, and available to employees for review. However, an employer with 10 or fewer employees may communicate the plan orally to employees.


Learn more about Emergency Action Plans for your workplace

Click here to download a checklist to help design a quality Emergency Action Plan that meets all Federal OSHA requirements.


Safety Committee Program

A good safety committee can function within the workplace to reduce accidents and to assist in training employees on all safety and security policies.

“A properly functioning safety committee fulfills several functions,” said Earl Capps, HR and safety manager at Filters Fast, a retail and distribution company in the Charlotte, N.C., metro area. “Committee members should be able to identify problems, use their range of insights to seek solutions, have the authority and expertise to implement needed policies which ensure an effective safety program and the scope of oversight necessary to ensure changes made are effective”
Click Here to download a complete guide to building a quality safety committee for your workplace.