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Out of Office Series: Task List App: Task List – To Do List

task list to do listTask List – To Do List

In my quest for a task manager app, I downloaded Task List- To Do List to both my phone and tablet, no registering of an email, uh oh this is off to a bad start I feel. So, I started testing this against my list of needs:

Phone and tablet sync- not a feature. This is a deal breaker, but I will continue my review.

Home page widget-the homepage widget is clean, presentable, but only of primary folder, secondary folders aren’t viewable from homescreen widget.

Recurring task feature- this isn’t a feature, as the app is more for notes with headers.

Tasks and subtasks- this isn’t a feature.

Notes section on tasks/subtasks- the section under the task is just for notes, so plenty of room for detailed notes.

Alerts for priority tasks- you can set task deadlines, where it alerts you when it hits the set time/date, but I can’t set a reminder for priority tasks, just a basic alarm.

Email capability of tasks and reminders- not a feature.

Ability to change color of tasks- you can select from 4 different radio button colors, they are small dots next to the task.

Clean UI- clean UI, simple to add tasks, switch tasks, easy to use.

In summary,  Task List – To Do List is lacking some serious features I need. The app is easy to use and simple to setup, so if you’re looking for something quick and feel it meets your needs, please download it.


Download Here- Google Play Store

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