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Out of Office Series: Task List App: ListNote

ListNote ListNote

I welcome you to come read my Out of Office series, in which I bring you along in my quest for a nice task list app. This time I downloaded ListNote to my phone and tablet, to see if it meets my needs.

Phone and tablet sync: No, can not sync my phone and tablet, this is an automatic no go for me, but I will continue with my review.

Home page widget for quick access: No home page widget, no simple viewer, nothing. This feature isn’t for everyone, but on my tablet, I find it essential.

Recurring task feature: not an available feature, this feature is nice for tasks that need to be completed regularly.

Tasks and subtasks: Sort of. You can make central lists, with tasks set underneath, nothing can be set beneath the general task.

Notes section on tasks/subtasks: Each task is set up as a note section, not a headet with note section. Without the feature of subtasks, there is no notes for them.

Alerts for priority tasks: not an available feature.

Email capability of tasks and reminders: not an available feature.

Ability to change color of tasks: you can change the color next to the note in list view, so it allows you to differentiate tasks.

Clean UI: the UI is clean, with eases of setting up.

Overall this app has none of the features I need, it lacks any serious bang for devouring apps between my phone and tablet. Honestly, the app feels more like a note taking and organizing app, but it comes up when searching for a task list manager, so it gets reviewed as such.

**extra** I gave the voice app a real tryout, since I couldn’t find anything else I liked. The voice to note feature works very good, it kept up with regular speech, with only a few misinterpreted words. You also have the ability to revisit note sections and add additional notes via speech.


Download the app here: Google Play Store

Download the app here: Amazon app store

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