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Out of Office series: Note App: Onenote


So my love of post-it notes is slowly being replaced by note apps on my phone, tablet, and computer; yet I still find myself whipping out my trusty post-its, or grabbing a note book for notes still. So onward my search continues.
I went ahead an downloaded the Onenote app onto my phone and tablet, my laptop already had it installed as part of my Microsoft Office Suite.


Phone and tablet sync: This easily syncs across all platforms used, saving your information in the cloud, so you can also access it from any computer.

Homepage widget: The homepage widget options with Onenote are slightly limited, with a taskbar, single function buttons, or a list of most recently accessed notebook pages.

Ability to make notes, take pictures and record audio: This app allows you to make nnotebooks, with a chapter function and then broken down into pages. You can upload pictures easily into Onenote, or take pictures with the apps and then add notes, you also have the ability to draw and highlight on a picture. You can insert multiple audio notes within a single page, plus type notes attached to the audio file. On a single page it is easy to add pictures, notes, and an audio file.

Speech to text: this is not a feature on this program

Ability to organize notes: The ability to organize your notes with Onenote is amazing. Each notebook, has chapters, then pages. You can tag each page with key words, making them searchable. Each Notebook page can be color coded: really allowing for an organized book.

Other features I would like:

Video notes: this is not a feature with this program.

Ability to set note color: each page within a notebook is able to color coded.

Sync calendar with notes: This is not a feature on this program

Location marking ability: This is not a feature on the program

Handwriting notes: the handwriting feature on Onenote is amazing, you not only can easily handwrite, but add notebook paper or grid lines before doing it, so it allows for neater writing.

There are some additional features and functions of Onenote, that I felt the need to highlight.
Writing: I know, I know, all note apps can obviously write notes, but the note taking in Onenote is equal to a  word processor.
Task list: you can make a task list within a single note.

Onenote is powerful for organizing notes, it launches fast from the homepage app. The ability to organize your notes and tag with key words. The ability to blast off multiple types of notes on a single page is great for me, it allows me to really organize my notes, thoughts, and photos.


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