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Out of Office Series: Note App: Google Keep

google keep

I am a self professed post-it junkie, my office is littered with them, so as I am transitioning over to using my tablet and phone more while out of the office, I am seeking an app to fill this void. I downloaded Google Keep to my phone and tablet, and gave it a test run.

Phone and tablet sync: This device lets you sign in using your Google account, which allows for syncing between my phone and tablet.
*Extra: As this is run through Google, you can access it via computer, and if using Chrome, download it as an extension . *

Homepage widget: there are 2 widget options, one is a simple taskbar, which allows for quick access to the features; the other widget is a full widget, with a scrollable section with your notes visible, plus the full quick access task bar.

Ability to make notes, take pictures and record audio: With this app you can take notes, make quick checklists, and take pictures with notes. The only audio is text to speech, which is great for quick notes, not long recorded meeting/speeches.

Speech to text: This is a great option, works great, with saved audio to review later.

Ability to organize notes: You can drag and drop the notes in any order you want. Beyond the single main screen, you can archive notes to save them as reminders for later.

Other features I would like:
Video notes: this is not a feature with this app.

Ability to set note color: you have 8 different color choices for notes, this allows for bright visible differentiation of notes.

Sync calendar with notes: this is not a feature with this app.

Location marking ability: this is not a feature with this app.

Handwriting notes: this is not a feature with this app.

This app is a powerhouse for note taking, it launches quick from the widget, even the camera feature. There is also a handy feature for marking notes to issue a reminder on a certain date/time.
I will be integrating Google Keep into my workflow, as it meets my needs, I will review the app again after i have had some time to build it into my workflow.


Download the app here: Google play store

Download the Chrome web extension here: Chrome store

Google Keep Homepage


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