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Out of Office Series: Note App: Color Notes list

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I am a post-it note junkie, my office is littered with them, I keep stacks of various sizes and colors in my briefcase. So as I am trying to transition my workflow more to my phone and tablet, I need an app that can fill that void left by not having post-it notes to stick to everything. I downloaded Color Notes to my phone, it appeared to be a virtual post-it note app, so I figured it was the best place to start.

Phone and tablet sync: this is not a feature with this app.

Homepage widget: there is not an actual homepage widget, you can add individual notes to the homepage, but it doesn’t allow access to the other notes you make.

Ability to make notes, take pictures and record audio: You can type out notes, no audio recording, no picture notes.

Speech to text: not a feature with this app.

Ability to organize notes: you can not organize the order of the notes, you can only change the colors of the notes on the main screen.

Other features I would like:
Video notes: not a feature with this app.

Ability to set note color: this app allows you to change the color of the notes, both in the main menu and on the homepage widget.

Sync calendar with notes: not a feature with this app.

Location marking ability: not a feature with this app.

Handwriting notes: not a feature with this app.

This app, Color Notes, is very simple, it doesn’t sync between devices, which its an instant no for me, but even the homescreen widget is severely lacking. I am passing on this app, but if you have one device and want a simple note app, this might be for you.


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