Equipment Safety Lock Out Tag Out

OSHA Compliant Lock out Tag out equipmentDoes anyone at your business perform maintenance of any piece or machine or equipment, this can be as simple as change an overhead light?

Do you bring in an outside contractor to your business to perform these tasks?

If the answer is yes to either of these, then your company needs a Lock-out/Tag-out program.

Lock-out/Tag-out(LOTO) is the #5 most commonly cited OSHA violation, resulting in over 3,500 citations, costing businesses over $15 million annually in fines. Improperly locked out equipment costs over $10 million annually in medical costs.

Do you know all aspects of an OSHA compliant LOTO program? Do you have the proper policy, the correct equipment, and OSHA compliant training?

What a LOTO Program Implementation entails:

  • Program Policy:
    • Write policy if needed
    • Review of current program, update and revise as needed
  • OSHA Compliance Training:
    • OSHA requires all employees conducting these tasks to be authorized and trained on how to perform the task safely and abate all hazards – This training will be conducted onsite by Kevin Ian Schmidt Consulting
    • OSHA requires all employees impacted by, working around, or potentially coming in contact with Locked out equipment to be informed of the hazard and to be able to identify when it is locked out, for servicing employee safety.
    • OSHA requires contractors working on equipment to be properly trained on how to abate all hazards. Just accepting verbal confirmation of this knowledge is not sufficient, and documentation must be provided.
  • Is Your lock out equipment OSHA compiant?Review of all current LOTO equipment:
    • OSHA requires all lock-out/tag-out equipment to be singularly identifiable, with only a single key to unlock the equipment, as such, just using any lock is not adequate.
    • OSHA requires tags that can withstand the conditions in which they are being used and that visibly identify the hazard potential.
    • Provide recommendations of any needed equipment needed, assistance in sourcing the equipment provided upon request.
  • Deep discount on OSHA required annual refresher training
  • Provide paper audit form for compliance audits
  • Machine specific shutdown procedures template:
    • OSHA requires that all pieces of equipment requiring lock-out/tag-out have a documented shutdown procedure, and that all contractors and employees performing these tasks have access to these procedures.
    • If you want, for an additional fee, Kevin Ian Schmidt consulting offers to document these procedures for your company.


If you want Kevin Ian Schmidt to document the machine specific procedures, there are 2 options available:

  • Written Procedure only: Every piece of equipment OSHA requires to have a procedure, will have a written procedure custom completed.
  • Written and Video Procedures: Every piece of equipment OSHA requires to have a procedure, will have a written procedure and a video procedure custom completed.

All procedures will be provided 4 ways:

  • Printed, full color manual of all procedures
  • USB stick loaded with all procedures
  • All procedures will be loaded onto the tablet as part of the Digital Safety Resource Program
  • An online database of all procedures will be available 24/7 for unlimited users


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