security policies for small businesses

security policies for small businessesProtect your business as soon as possible

You have worked hard to earn your money and there is nothing worse than watching others take it from you while you can do nothing about it.

Security policies for small businesses will not always stop the problems but they will enable you to control and reduce the potential problems. These policies will also give you the records to try and seek damages or compensation from those that breach your policies.



Start with the money

Ensure that you have strong petty cash policies. This is the first area that cash starts to go missing because employees know that you are not paying attention to that little box. Write up business policies that deal with how petty cash is to be used and what receipts need to be put in. Other policies will include how much cash is to be stored in petty cash and when it needs to be audited.

Fuel cards are the modern pandora’s box

Handing employees your business fuel card opens up the potential for serious abuse. After they realize that you are not watching the transactions or checking their use, some employees will start filling their own vehicles.

Have some documented policies that cover the fuel card use and how personal vehicles are to be included or not included in that use. Recently I have seen a board member being charged with over 600 counts of financial misuse including:

  • Giving the fuel card to their partner
  • Filling the private vehicles with a company fuel card
  • Using the fuel card to purchase non petrol items
  • Using petty cash for personal purchases

This has added up to over $30,000 in stolen funds from that business. So if you are thinking that writing policies or monitoring your business security is a waste of time, you are mistaken.

Workplace bullying

With the change in safety laws and how people are more willing to seek compensation, your business needs bullying and harassment policies in your workplace. As soon as possible.

A single incident of workplace bullying in your workplace can cost you over $60,000 in fines and huge compensation claims. Without documented policies showing how your business managed and controlled these types of events it will have to wear most of the risk here.

Though these business security policies are the most common incidents to write policies for, you will need to include a full list of policies including these below.

  • Computer use
  • Workplace relationships
  • Random employee checks
  • Drug & alcohol
  • Taking the banking to the bank
  • Use of company vehicles
  • Work function and parties
  • Company conference
  • Information security
  • Client confidentiality
  • Working alone
  • Dealing with aggression in the workplace

As you can see it is not a short list so you will need to get started and protect your business before it is too late.

Thanks for reading the tips on security policies for small businesses, and find it helpful for your small business. If I can be of any help to your business, do not hesitate to contact me.

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