Kevin Schmidt Consulting offers two services concerning workplace accident investigations.

accidet investigations are part of a total package to stop all workplace accidentsThe first option available to companies is to have Kevin Schmidt Consulting come out at investigate your workplace accidents, fatalities or other incidents involving injuries. I have years of experience in conducting various types of workplace accident investigations. I understand OSHA and how to properly conduct the workplace investigation and perform interviews. I have dealt with high profile cases involving media attention, and understand the client’s needs in these situations.

When you contract with Kevin Schmidt Consulting for an accident investigation, you can expect the following:

  • Full review of the accident, including photos and videos, to support a root cause determination
  • Action plan of corrective actions, including cost-v-benefit analysis of all recommended improvements. Follow-up consultations to assist with any corrective actions.
  • Direct dealing on your behalf, with OSHA if the accident falls under their review.


a properly trained staff is important for quality workplace accident investigationThe second option available to companies is to have Kevin Schmidt Consulting come out to your place of business, and train your supervisors, managers, and/or your safety team on proper accident investigations. I have years of experience in conducting investigations, and can share my knowledge with your team. They will be trained on how to conduct accident investigations, and how to understand OSHA rules and regulations in the course of an investigation. I will also make myself available to your team to answer questions during an investigation, so they can complete full and proper investigations.

When you contract with Kevin Schmidt Consulting for accident investigation team training, you can expect the following:

  • Half day classroom instruction on root cause analysis, understanding OSHA workplace rules, and proper documentation standards
  • Half day field instruction, providing direct training in the workplace. Providing examples of workplace accidents that have occurred in your facility(if any examples available) or common workplace accidents will be used for investigation.
  • Provide proper workplace investigation forms to aid your team in conducting investigations.


An accident investigation is done to prevent future accidentsWhy investigate a workplace accident? Most importantly, to find out the cause of accidents and to prevent similar accidents in the future, fulfill any legal requirements, determine the cost of an accident, determine compliance with applicable OSHA safety regulations, and process workers’ compensation claims. Incidents that involve no injury or property damage should still be investigated to determine the hazards that should be corrected.

When a serious workplace accident occurs, it’s imperative that companies conduct a prompt and thorough accident investigation. An incomplete, inaccurate or biased investigation can aggravate the problem and increase your potential liability. Accident investigations should always be conducted by trained staff or an independent consultant.



Every employer needs a quality accident investigation program. To truly understand how staggering this can be, check out this infographic by the National Safety Council, showing workplace injuries by the numbers:

National Safety Concil infographic injuries by the numbers